sgt_muffen (sgt_muffen) wrote,


*the reason for saying HUGE THINGS is ..well it kinda speaks for itself ..but it means that HUGE THINGS happened.

firstly , i went to the movies, yes thats right I went to the movies and I saw "The Village" and you probably didn't so >:P I own and you all dont MAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHHA I GOT TO SEE AN AWSOME MOVIE .....*If I had a magic carpet I would probably jump on it and to a little jig, But a can't my carpet didn't come in the mail yet*

Another HUGE THING is my sister kris (or as some may know as ms.yamamura) decided to wash the cats because they ALL look like they were hamppers so...We thought we could clean them in the sink( stupid idea) and then we thought what if we stuck them in the shower (failed) them kris said "what if I go in the shower with the cats.."(this actually worked) We used this method for most of the cats and were probably marked by them so when they die they'll haunt us forever...but hey..

By the way I bought the rights to !HUGE THINGS! so if you stael it I'll hunt you down and I'll sew you for a ridiculous amount that you probably don't have and probably , eat you, I'll do it to just ask Coral....
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bwahahaha. sue me, i dare you.

i also wish i still had baby patchy back. i want her puff paws :(